7 Gifts for Wine Lovers

Katie Adams
Writer, Wine Enthusiast
Published September 06, 2020

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the wine drinker in your life, look no further. We’ve sorted through hundreds of products to help you find the unique, practical, or classy gift that will have your loved one toasting you for the rest of the year.

White Wine Gifts

Stackable Refrigerator Wine Rack

The struggle is real for white wine lovers when it comes to refrigerating their wine bottles. If your loved one doesn’t have a wine fridge at home, then they’re basically stuck with a bottle that won’t fit upright on any of their shelves. Unless they want their white wine rolling around while getting that perfectly light chill (and until refrigerator manufacturers correct this glaring oversight), they’re probably relegating their precious Chardonnays and Rieslings to the mustard section of the fridge door. Enter the stackable wine rack storage organizer from mDesign. This plastic storage rack lets them store their whites in the fridge without the hassle. Find it on Amazon here.

Insulated Wine Tote

If you know a white wine lover that’s constantly on the go, check out this Tirrinia Insulated Wine Tote. This will help your loved one discretely keep their white wine cool all the way to that dance competition or little league game, and they’ll have you to thank for it. This tote comes in multiple colors and styles, and you can find it here.

Red Wine Gifts

Red wine drinkers tend to be serious about their wine, and this Multi-Stream Wine Aeration Devie from Tribella is equally serious. Aerating red wines can kick off a host of chemical reactions that will make the wine smoother and better tasting. Plus this one comes with a badass case that will make them feel like a secret agent. Find it on Amazon here.

For the Traveler

Outdoor Wine Glass Holder

Have you ever tried to take a stemmed wine glass on an exciting adventure? It’s just not as easy as it should be. Give your loved one the gift of no longer having to choose between a dignified glass and the use of a cupholder. This outdoor wine glass holder by Bella D’Vine comes with a strap that can be attached to the arm of any lawn chair, a stake to drive into the lawn, and a suction cup for boats and RVs. I’m thinking this would even work for the riding mower, or golf carts anyone?? Find it on Amazon here.

Travel Wine Table

Imagine your loved one on an epic road trip…as they finally see their destination approach on the horizon, they pull off the road, cut the engine, and behold nature’s wonder. They grab their lawn chairs and the bottle of wine they’ve been saving for just this occasion. As they raise a toast to this uniquely wonderful moment in time, they also think of you for a fleeting second while they lower their glass into this Tavolo bamboo travel wine holder. We just helped you be someone’s hero, you’re welcome. Find it on Amazon here.

For the Practical

Wine Glass Dishwasher Holder

Why why why why why did no one think of this before. These silicone stemware wine glass holders for the dishwasher are genius. Your loved one will never have to worry about their wine glasses getting throttled in the dishwasher ever again. You simply put one end over top of one of the prongs in your dishwasher, and attach the other end to the stem of the glass to keep it secured during the dishwashing process. Find it on Amazon here.

Cordless Electric Wine Opener

If opening a bottle of wine frequently becomes a comedy of errors, your loved one could definitely use this Oster Wine Opener. This thing is as easy as easy can be. You literally just put it on top of the bottle and push one button. That’s it. No more Lucille Ball moments with the bottle of wine tied to a cinder block while you try to lasso a passing truck. Find it on Amazon here.

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